March 25, 2015

TIES® for Microsoft CityNext

Protect your citizens, schools and critical infrastructure by enabling faster, better and more informed decision-making.

TIES for Microsoft CityNext is an intelligence sharing platform designed to support critical security initiatives for your city. Combine and filter your private data with a wide variety of public feeds including public safety, public health, severe weather, natural disasters, transportation disruptions, terrorism, and more. Enable city, county, and state leaders to act quickly and strategically by sharing relevant Smart Alerts and rapidly deployed Dashboards within and across agencies using TIES’ Communities of Trust model.




Select a collection of Intelligence Channels and Dashboards to support any initiative:

cityleaders City Leaders Edition
Empower city leaders to make better informed decisions with a wide scope of intelligence regarding public safety, public transportation, severe weather, natural disasters, energy disruptions, and more.
safeschools Safe Schools Edition
School administrators can get a complete picture of their students, staff, campus and surrounding community with a common operating picture that incorporates nearby 911 incidents, severe weather, live video feeds, relevant news headlines and social media.
specialevents Special Events Edition
Get a 360˚ view of any major production—from conventions and summits to concerts and playoff games—with local traffic alerts, public transportation delays, social media monitoring, terrorist threats, and more.
disastesponse Disaster Response Edition
Connect relief agencies, government leaders and emergency responders with real-time alerts about natural disasters, severe weather, public safety, energy disruptions, humanitarian efforts, local crime, and more.
cyber1 Cyber Edition
Choose from an extensive collection of channels and dashboards providing late-breaking information on cyber attacks, privacy policies, vulnerabilities, malware, identity management, mobile hacking, information risk management, and more.

Other Key Benefits:

  •  Resilient: Azure cloud-based service means you never lose your data
  •  Secure: Encrypted communication with a range of authorization tools and options
  •  Scalable: Elastic licensing model allows for rapid user on-boarding during times of crisis
  •  Easy-to-use: simple, intuitive UI with which to quickly customize Dashboards and Smart Alerts

Additional Options:

  •  Social Media Monitoring: Crowd-source intelligence from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Reddit, and more
  •  Premium Channels: Leverage a plethora of third party intelligence feeds and search options
  •  Separate Hosted Instance: Meet any compliance requirements by hosting your data in your own Azure instance
  •  Mobile integration: Publish and receive alerts via smartphone and tablet
  •  White-labeling: Maintain consistency across solutions with a branded version of TIES
  •  Pro Services: Get tailor-made Intelligence Channels, Smart Alerts and Dashboards to meet your needs