Swan Island Networks and RockDove Solutions Bring Integrated Physical Threat Intelligence and Risk Management

Swan Island Networks and RockDove Solutions Bring Integrated Physical Threat Intelligence and Risk Management

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PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2022 – Swan Island Networks and RockDove Solutions have integrated their respective cloud offerings to bring a comprehensive risk reduction, response, and recovery solution for customers in the United States and worldwide.

TX360 supports many global customers today with near real-time alerts and command center dashboards,” Swan Island’s CEO, Pete O’Dell, asserted. “With the integration of RockDove’s In Case of Crisis 365 we move toward a robust, 24×7, intelligence-driven solution for disruptive events that combines proactive monitoring, preparedness and sophisticated response capabilities.”

“Getting the full operational picture and responding quickly and effectively means better risk mitigation for customers in all business sectors;” said Chris Britton, General Manager of RockDove. “This integrated platform brings together a powerful suite of cloud and mobile services to identify, prepare for, and respond to emerging threats.”

The solutions are available for corporations who want to reduce the risk to lives, property, brand and operational continuity. Deployment can be done quickly; in hours if a critical event demands immediate response.

Both companies will be at GSX Atlanta as co-sponsors of the InfraGard booth #1029.

About Swan Island Networks:
Swan Island Networks (www.swanislandnetworks.com) offers TX360 and TX Global as cloud-based situational awareness and intelligence services that are reliable, scalable, easy to use, interoperable, and affordable. Swan Island’s TX360 service is a highly secure cloud-based platform for managing the integration, display and sharing of critical real-time information, supporting Global Security Operations Centers and security and operations teams around the world. For more information, please visit swanislandnetworks.com or email info@swanisland.net.

Pete O’Dell, CEO pete.odell@swanisland.net, 202-460-9207

About RockDove Solutions:
RockDove Solutions (www.rockdovesolutions.com) is the developer of the award-winning risk management cloud and mobile platform, In Case of Crisis 365. Used by hundreds of enterprise organizations globally, the platform helps you get the full operational picture, combining incident reporting, threat monitoring and social listening in one pane of glass. Using an open system architecture, In Case of Crisis 365 breaks down the silos allowing you to connect existing services and systems, bringing the right teams and resources together to respond to emerging issues faster. Finally, the platform enables robust and effective communication with your key stakeholders.

Christopher Britton, General Manager
Email: brittonc@rockdovesolutions.com, Phone: 240-404-8155

Pete O’Dell
Swan Island Networks
7202613049 ext.