Situational Intelligence extraction and delivery done right.

Protecting your most important assets from an ever expanding list of threats is no small feat. Your team is indispensable in times of crisis, but its value isn’t always tangible when a budget cycle comes around. Swan Island’s affordable and easy-to-use SaaS technology helps you extract and deliver intelligence and situational awareness in minutes, while increasing your team’s profile within the company.

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360° threat awareness, social monitoring, and smart alerting services for small-to-large businesses.

Public Sector

Cross-agency awareness, Infrastructure protection, and smart alerting for city and state leaders, government organizations, and schools.


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About Swan Island Networks

Over a decade of experience in security intelligence.

Swan Island Networks’ mission is to build agile, intelligent, high-trust information services to aid in the protection of people, assets, information and critical infrastructure. Swan Island Networks was founded in 2002 by experienced entrepreneurs, and has participated in a dozen contracts with numerous government agencies; the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, among others. In 2009, Swan Island Networks took the technologies and methodologies developed over years working in federal government R&D to the private sector and launched TIES, the Trusted Information Exchange Service, which is used daily by 250 large enterprises and 20% of Fortune 100 companies.

  • Security Legacy

    We understand the importance and nuances of cyber and physical security.

  • Agile Development

    We employ a fast and iterative process to building solutions.

  • R & D History

    We've fostered a culture of innovation and experimentation.

  • Solution-oriented

    We are dedicated to understanding and solving our customers' problems.

Executive Team

Pete O’Dell
Chief Executive Officer/Founder
An information and business technology veteran of over 25 years, Pete is a key player in bridging communication gaps between technical groups and non-technical executives and board members. He has consulted for several private security companies and has published two cyber security books.
David Jones
Chief Technology Officer
David is one of the principal developers of the TIES® platform and a leading authority on cloud-based applications and identity federation. He studied computer science and mathematics at Lewis and Clark College and is intent on creating a world-class solution that facilitates the secure sharing of information across organizations of all kinds.
Gavin Busath
Director of Product
Gavin began his career twenty years ago as a graphic designer and front-end web developer. For the past ten years he has focused on User Experience, designing SAAS products and marketing strategies for social, email, and mobile marketers.
Andrej Szenasy
Chief Information Security Officer
Andrej brings over 18 years of experience in Information Technology. He has shaped and is responsible for continuity of TIES and TX360 operating within a resilient global cloud based network architecture that enables Swan Island to securely and effectively implement its business strategy while delivering high quality services to its clients. Andrej deals with policy and compliance, while maintaining a streamlined IT organization.

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