Fusion of Incident Management and Global Situational Awareness Technology Strengthens Response Capabilities

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Swan Island Networks and RockDove Solutions combine capabilities of their technologies to reduce customer exposure to threats worldwide

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, July 20th, 2021 — Swan Island Networks and RockDove Solutions today announced a new strategic relationship to bring the combined capabilities of their technologies and platforms to customers worldwide who want to reduce their exposure to an all-hazards set of threats.

“Our customers are looking for solutions that allow them to identify, prepare for and respond quickly to emerging threats,” said Chris Britton, COO of RockDove Solutions. “By connecting our In Case of Crisis 365 software platform to Swan Island’s TX360 threat intelligence and situational awareness service, we can deliver an easy to adopt, reliable, budget-friendly way to meet the growing list of risks organizations face today. TX360 provides our customers a very powerful and flexible way to support the identification of emerging threats and is the perfect complement to the In Case of Crisis 365 platform.”

“RockDove’s In Case of Crisis platform provides organizations a seamless path from an emerging threat to proactive incident management,” said Pete O’Dell, CEO of Swan Island Networks. “Early detection and mitigation of events has continually proven to save lives, protect property, ensure brand viability and assist with operational continuity. We look forward to delivering this comprehensive, all-hazards solution.”

In recent years, corporations have seen a steady, pronounced increase in the number, types, and severity of threats worldwide. Proactive monitoring and well-planned response is a major factor in preventing loss of life, damage to property and reputation, and continuity of operations. SOCS (Security Operations Centers) continually seek to increase their vigilance through expanded coverage and deployment of technology. The TX360/In Case of Crisis 365 confederated solution will provide new levels of timely, actionable intelligence in a user-friendly, team-friendly format.

About RockDove Solutions
RockDove Solutions (www.RockDoveSolutions.com) is the creator of the award-winning issues and crisis management software platform, In Case of Crisis 365. We are based in Washington, DC and help public and private organizations of all sizes (including some of the world’s most recognized brands) ensure the safety of their people, maintain their reputation, and the continuity of their businesses.

Phone: 240-404-8155 Email: brittonc@rockdovesolutions.com, info@rockdovesolutions.com

About Swan Island Networks
Swan Island Networks (www.swanislandnetworks.com) offers TX360 and TX Global as cloud-based situational awareness and intelligence services that are reliable, scalable, easy to use, interoperable and affordable. Swan Island’s TX360 service is a highly secure cloud-based platform for managing the integration, display and sharing of critical real-time information, supporting security and operations teams around the world. TX Global is an automated subscription service starting at $99/month. For more information, please visit swanislandnetworks.com

Phone: 202-460-9207 Email: pete.odell@swanisland.net, info@swanisland.net