Austin Data Labs And Swan Island Networks Announce Strategic Relationship To Combine Cutting Edge Artificial Intelligence and Data Science With Real-Time Situational Awareness

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2021  — Swan Island Networks and Austin Data Labs are forming a strategic relationship to empower their customers with the one-two punch of predictive data science and real-time knowledge of events that might impact their supply chains.

“Our customers know that there is tremendous value to be unlocked in applying the latest data science and AI techniques to their data assets. Folding rich, relevant, real-time external data into the mix adds another level of value. AI and data science models using this enriched, current information, presented in the right format at the right time, enable sophisticated decision making.” Robert Martin, CCO of Austin Data Labs, said. “In an interconnected world, markets that have been historically stable are now seeing extreme volatility caused by external shocks from across the globe. The ability to quickly detect these external signals and determine their impact on the business is critical to success.”

Swan Island Networks’ TX360™ platform works around the clock to bring customers the best intel on the unexpected events that can impact their business. Austin Data Labs’ scAIcloud™ platform provides the best predictive modeling for the volatile commodity agriculture and food and beverage space. Together, these tools will help global customers succeed, even in the face of black swan events like a global pandemic or climate change.

“Real-time intel can be added to AI datasets to continually improve key information. In rapidly changing environments, this can result in better predictions and projections,” said Pete O’Dell, CEO of Swan Island Networks. “We’ve vetted over 5,000 global sources, curate important alerts with geospatial context, and present an array of continually updated dashboard resources—each of which focuses on a particular aspect of an emerging crisis or ‘all hazards’ threat event. We also encourage information-sharing by enabling participants to submit supporting content, making everyone more informed.”

About Austin Data Labs:
Austin Data Labs ( is a global data science and AI SaaS company based in the United States, with offices in the U.S., Brazil, London, and New Zealand. Austin Data Labs provides cutting-edge data science products, predictive machine learning software, and artificial intelligence solutions to the global commodity agriculture and food and beverage industry.

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About Swan Island Networks:
Swan Island Networks ( offers TX360 and TX Global as cloud-based situational awareness and intelligence services that are reliable, scalable, easy to use, interoperable and affordable. Swan Island’s TX360 service is a highly secure cloud-based platform for managing the integration, display and sharing of critical real-time information, supporting virtual Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC as a Service) and security, intelligence, and operations teams around the world. TX Global is as automated subscription service starting at $99/month. For more information, please visit

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