How To Prepare For A Strong Recovery From COVID-19

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The world is in free fall and people are confused.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many to speculate when the infection will peak. And when the world can begin to recover from this major event.

Early predictions of a pandemic were ignored, but things will recover, and you need to be ready.

How To Prepare For A Strong Recovery From COVID-19

Start preparing now for a strong recovery from COVID-19 while the majority of your critical assets (your people) are at home. Likely you were caught short on the pandemic. Don’t make the same mistake on the recovery. Your business depends on it.

The recovery is going to affect every business differently. A small-town bed and breakfast will re-enter the commercial economy much differently than a multi-national financial institution. But, many of the underlying thought processes are the same.

Here’s how to prepare for a strong recovery from COVID-19.

Intelligence Filtering

The news has great insights. But, you need to filter the information. Find the areas that are relevant to your specific issues and problems. Then, analyze them. After that, share selectively and on a targeted basis across your organization.

Situational Awareness

You need to maintain full situational awareness. It’s likely to be a rapidly-changing landscape. For example, you may plan to reopen a factory in Washington State as cases ebb only to have a flareup in a nearby town.

Information Sharing

You can’t do it all alone, and you shouldn’t want to. You need to work with customers and suppliers in a tightly coordinated fashion. But, regional organizations, critical infrastructure providers, and government agencies are also critical.

business team plans economic Recovery From COVID-19

Systematic Response

Take a disciplined approach toward preparedness. You likely have the time now to do a great planning job. Get the tools and processes you need set up and integrated into your organization while its still raining outside.

Preparedness always takes a back seat to other activities except in the most thoughtful of organizations. While there is little to no activity, it’s a great time to get organized for the recovery cycle. I hope these fundamentals help you prepare for a strong recovery from COVID-19 and also lay the groundwork for responding to your next emergency situation. (You know its coming!)

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