Swan Island Networks Launches TX Global Alerting Service

Credible, curated, targeted intelligence about COVID-19 and other global threats, at affordable price points

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2020 — Swan Island Networks, a leading SaaS security intelligence provider, today announced its $99/month and $249/month TX Global Alerting Service offerings.

“In a rapidly evolving global crisis such as this, having trusted situational awareness and harnessing important information from a vast number of resources is critical,” said Pete O’Dell, CEO of Swan Island Networks. “TX Global helps even small organizations stay abreast of breaking events so they can make informed, proactive decisions to manage the key elements of their response.”

Powered by Swan Island Network’s robust TX360 platform, the new TX Global service provides streamlined access to global, regional and topical alerts, configurable by the end user, and delivered on a monthly subscription basis. Customers can sign up in minutes and purchase the service with a credit card through the Swan Island Networks website.

COVID-19 Dashboard from TX Global
TX Global Email Alert

TX Global monitors thousands of open source, government, and customer-specific feeds and filters them into continually updated Dashboards and sharable Smart Alerts delivered by email and text. The system operates in the cloud, so security and communications personnel can work effectively from anyplace, including at home.

“Good intel efforts can save an organization huge amounts of time and provide better information than duplicate web browsing by multiple people many times a day,” O’Dell said. “We vet sources, curate important alerts with geospatial context, and present an array of dashboards and alerts—each of which focuses on a particular aspect of a crisis or region of the world.”

The Tier 1 service includes curated alerts from the Swan Island Networks intelligence analyst team, automated alerts from vetted sources, global- and U.S.-centric Dashboards, and an entire suite of COVID-19 impact Dashboards that focus on health, resources, supply chains, and more. The Tier 2 service allows the customer to add geospatial assets for proximity alerting and a larger dashboard library.

The TX Global Alerting Service can also be licensed, branded, and resold by OEM and resale partners with a critical mass of customers to communicate with. Contact Swan Island Networks for more information: info@swanisland.net