TX Global Alerting Service

TX Global Alerting Service

TX Global is a breakthough, real-time global intelligence alerting service, provide highly relevant security alert coverage for all range of hazards. This subscription intelligence service offers a hybrid alerting model incorporating premium, analyst-curated content and machine-automated, real-time alerts. Smart Alerts are delivered via email or text, and 24/7 real-time dashboards are monitoring on an ongoing basis.

TX Global delivers the timely, targeted information you and your teams need to stay ahead of threats that may impact your business, locations or people.  With the ever-changing landscape of global and local threats, early and comprehensive coverage of emerging risks is needed to navigate and minimize the impact.

Key Benefits

TX Global brings numerous innovative and robust advantages to any security monitoring ecosystem including:

  • Global Alerting: Breaking intelligence based on machine-automated and analyst-curated content from around the world, delivered in email or text format. Impacted Assets feature provides a useful snapshot of proximity to nearest assets.
  • 24/7 Visual Dashboards: An integrated visual display of relevant alerts and incidents related to security, severe weather, transit, disasters, and industry, updated and accessible 24/7 to support GSOC and command center operations.
  • Analyst Services: Professional team of analysts providing content and insight into global alerts and dashboards, also available for special reporting, consulting and content customization.
  • Real-Time Intelligence Feeds: Relevant alerts are extracted from 1000’s of information sources through a blend of machine learning methods, smart filtering and human-powered publication.
  • Scalable Platform Services: Built on a proven, scalable and high-performance platform for real-time event alerting, currently processing more than 500,000 transactions per day from thousands of sources around the world.
  • Rapid Deployment: Get a jumpstart today with digital subscription options.

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Subscription Options

Multiple subscription options are available, starting as low as $100/mo, enabling new clients to sign up easily. Clients can select from monthly subscription license options, with multiple options to further personalize content by geolocation, topic and industry. TX Global accounts can also be scaled up and configured to fit the needs of any size organization. TX Global Alerting services have been developed to be accessible to a wide range of organizations and users, with easy access as a subscription service aimed at corporate security, business continuity, enterprise risk management, international travel management, and other related verticals. 

TX Global is built on TX360™, our robust global platform for intelligence monitoring and situational awareness, which was designed and built for high performance security and intelligence teams.

TX Global is cloud-based, easy to use, and provides 24/7 access and alerting of security threats around the block and around the world. Alerts cover all range of hazards relevant to corporate operations, including wildfires, hurricanes, severe weather, terrorism, crime and transportation disruptions.

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  For more information: info@swanisland.net