Oregon Wildfires:

Crews are battling 26 wildfires across Oregon totaling over 945,000 acres. The Beachie Creek Fire, Holiday Farm Fire, Lionshead Fire, Riverside Fire, and Archie Creek Fire are the largest of those fires with each burning over 100,000 acres.

News Coverage & Officials

Oregon Wildfires over 100,000 acres

Beachie Creek Fire:

  • Size: 191,238 acres
  • Containment: 20%
  • Total Personnel: 571
  • Location: Around 6 miles north of Detroit, OR
  • Reported: Sunday, August 16th at 11:18am PDT.
  • Cause: Unknown
Holiday Farm Fire:
  • Size: 170,637 acres
  • Containment: 10%
  • Total Personnel: 812
  • Location: Along Highway 126 west of McKenzie Bridge to Vida, Oregon
  • Reported: Monday, September 7th at 8:20pm PDT
  • Cause: Unknown 
Lionshead Fire: 
  • Size: 189,316 acres
  • Containment: 10%
  • Total Personnel: 1,015
  • Location: Lions Head Canyon
  • Reported: Sunday, August 16th at 10:45pm PDT
  • Cause: Lightning 

Riverside Fire: 

  • Size: 135,974 acres
  • Containment: 6%
  • Total Personnel: 568
  • Location: 2 miles southeast of Estacada, OR
  • Reported: Tuesday, September 8th
  • Cause: Human

Archie Creek Fire: 

  • Size: 128,020 acres
  • Containment: 20%
  • Total Personnel: NA
  • Location: East of Roseburg, OR
  • Reported: Tuesday, September 8th
  • Cause: Unknown


Evacuation Orders (statesman journal):

Marion County

Level 3 – Evacuation order:

  • Detroit
  • Idahna
  • Breitenbush
  • Lyons
  • Mehama
  • Mill City
  • Gates
  • North Fork Rd recreation area

Level 2 – Evacuation Warning

  • Scott’s Mill
  • Crooked Finger Rd and Moss Ln

Linn County

Level 3 – Evacuation Order

  • McCully Mountain 
  • Lyons east to Santiam Junction

Level 2 – Evacuation Warning

  • Upper Calapooia Rd, Crescent Hill Rd, Brush Creek Rd from Hwy 228 to the county line and all side spur roads off these roads near Holley/Crawfordsville area
  • East Scio/West Lyons from Hwy 226 at Richardson Gap, north along Cole School Rd (eastern side) to county line. 

Clackamas County

Level 3 – Evacuation Order

  • All of Eaden Rd and west to S Harding Rd
  • West of Colton up to Beaver Creek Rd, north to Ridge Rd
  • West of Beavercreek Rd which includes all of S Gard Rd. Also Unger Rd to the first part of Windy City.
  • South of OR-211 between Woodburn and Meadowbrook.
  • West of Colton up to Beavercreek Rd, north to Ridge Rd then to Barton
  • Eagle
  • Estacada
  • Crooked Finger Rd 
  • Marquam
  • Monitor

Level 2 – Evacuation Warning

  • West of Mulino
  • Dryland
  • Molalla and some areas north and southwest of Molalla
  • Northeast of Eagle Creek

Lincoln County

Level 3 – Evacuation Order

  • Hwy 18 from milepost o to Rose Lodge
  • NE Highland Rd and all roads off of this
  • N North Bank Rd and all side streets
  • Cherryhill Mobile Home Park on N Clancy Rd
  • NE 50th St
  • Panther Creek Rd and all side roads

Level 2 – Evacuation Warning

  • NE East Devils Lake Rd south to milepost 3.6 (bridge replacement cut off) and the Neotsu neighborhood 
  • All other West and East side streets off of NE East Devils Lake Rd
  • East of Rose Lodge on Hwy 18
  • South of Hwy 18 from Rose Lodge to East Devils Lake Rd
  • NW 39th St north and west from the ocean to Hwy 101 (includes Road’s End area)

Lane County

Level 3 – Evacuation Order

  • Everyone from the intersection of Camp Creek Rd & Hwy 126 east to McKenzie Bridge Campground, including all roads to the north and south of the highway
  • All of Deerhorn Rd
  • East of the Mohawk River from Wendling Rd to county line, including Wending Rd, Paschelke Rd, Hileman Rd, Bunker Hill Rd, and Mohawk River Rd and their connecting roads 

Level 2 – Evacuation Warning

  • Entire Mohawk Valley to the Linn County line except the area west of Marcola Rd south of intersection with Hill Rd is Level 1
  • Residents from McKenzie Bridge Campgrounds to the junction of Hwy 126 & Hwy 20
  • Hwy 126 intersection with Camp Creek Rd, including Camp Creek Rd, Upper Camp Creek Rd, and Cedar Flat Rd
  • Hwy 126 east of Harbick’s Inn at milepost 47
  • McKenzie River Dr east of the Community Center

Tillamook County 

Level 2 – Evacuation Warning

  • Pike Rd and Nobel Springs Rd only and the area between Vaughn Creek and Murphy Creek 

Washington County

Level 3 – Evacuation Order

  • Dundee Rd from Patton Valley Rd to end of WC maintenance 

Level 2 – Evacuation Warning

  • SW Lee Rd, SW Dundee Rd, SW Herring Rd, and SW Cascara Dr

Jackson County

Level 3 – Evacuation Order

  • Glenwood Ave from on Hwy 99 and south of Campbell Rd
  • Butte Falls-Fish Lake Rd area from Mile Point 22 to OR-140. This includes the Willow Lake area and all properties east of Butte Falls-Fish Lake Rd including the Parker Meadows and Whiskey Springs areas

Level 2 – Evacuation Warning

  • Portions of Talent west of Talent Ave
  • San George Estates
  • All properties accessing Brophy, Ball, Reese Creek, and Worthington Roads
  • All properties on Crowfoot Rd, 1 mile north of Butte Falls Hwy to OR-62
  • Areas south of OR-140 and north of Brownsboro
  • Butte Falls Hwy from OR-62 to Reese Creek Rd and all of Hwy 62
  • Nearly all of the City of Shady Cove and Trail

Douglas County

Level 3 – Evacuation Order

  • Dry Creek (Happy Creek Ln, Felix Flat, Elk Ridge, Illahee)
  • Steamboat Creek to the Green Bridge in Glide
  • Lone Rock Rd
  • Bar L Ranch Rd
  • Upper Terrace Dr
  • Terrace Dr
  • Diamond Lake
  • Lemolo Lake

Level 2 – Evacuation Warning

  • Little River Rd from Hwy 138E to Buckhorn Rd 
  • Nonpareil Rd from Plat K Rd west to Gassy Creek
  • Glide from Green Bridge east to Little River Rd (except for Lone Rock Rd, Bar L Ranch Rd, Upper Terrace, Terrace, and Little River Rd)