June 30, 2017

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TX360 is an all-hazards threat monitoring and situational awareness service that enables highly secure and targeted delivery of critical information to security professionals and corporate leaders. A full suite of cloud-based intelligence management tools helps security and risk management teams identify and respond to emerging risks and threats, to protect their enterprises, assets, and people.Smart Alerts deliver highly relevant and targeted information and updates to your teams and other concerned parties, helping you:

  • Act quickly with real-time information about disasters, evacuations, crime, weather and physical threats to your assets.
  • Stay ahead of a potential issue by monitoring a brand, topic, or emerging situation via web and social media mentions.

TX360 enables physical security teams to manage their Virtual Security Operations Centers (SOCs), offering highly secure, 24/7 monitoring of threats and intelligence via the cloud. Customizable TX360 Dashboards provide visual monitoring of real-time alerts and sharing of information throughout an organization, whether at a highly detailed level within security teams, or as snapshots for sharing with executives, global teams, and partners. Severe weather, 911 alerts, natural disasters, travel warnings, supply chain disruptions, electricity outages, cyber attacks, social media chatter, and more are all accessible via the high assurance TX360 service.

Smart Alerts and other advanced features are available to Pro users via a TX360 Enterprise license. To find out more about getting a direct Enterprise license for your company, fill out the contact form on this page, or contact Swan Island Networks via email at info@swanisland.net or phone: 503-796-7926.