TX360® OLD

Maximize relevance, minimize noise.

Protect your enterprise with 360 degrees of threat awareness, incorporating your internal data with public and premium intelligence to better assess risk and improve incident response. Filter and deliver alerts about severe weather, crime, natural disasters, terrorism, travel hazards, supply chain disruptions, energy outages, cyber threats, brand monitoring and more, to key members of your organization.




The TX360 platform is comprised of four main components:

Intelligence Channels Smart Alerts Dashboards Secure Communities
Gather late-breaking intelligence from an expansive gallery of highly filtered, trusted sources or import and manipulate your own feeds. Deliver only relevant alerts and updates to concerned parties, tailored to each recipient’s authorization, preference and profile. Monitor relevant threats in real-time on a common operating picture dashboard. Determine an incident’s proximity to your assets. Create trusted networks of alert recipients and collaborators to share sensitive information within and across organizations.

Other key benefits:

  •  Resilient: Built on the highly scalable and reliable Microsoft Azure Cloud
  •  Secure: Encrypted communication with a range of authorization tools and options
  •  Scalable: Elastic licensing model allows for rapid user on-boarding during times of crisis
  •  Easy-to-use: Simple, intuitive UI with which to quickly customize Dashboards and Smart Alerts

Additional Options:

  •  Social media monitoring: Crowd-source intelligence from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Reddit, and more
  •  Premium Channels: Leverage a plethora of third party intelligence feeds and search options
  •  Separate Hosted Instance: Meet any compliance requirements by hosting your data in your own Azure instance
  •  Mobile integration: Publish and receive alerts via smartphone and tablet
  •  White-labeling: Maintain consistency across solutions with a branded version of TX360
  •  Pro Services: Let Swan Island analysts provide relevant Intelligence Channels and Dashboards to meet your needs