TX360 is an all-hazards threat monitoring and situational awareness service that enables highly secure and targeted delivery of critical information to security professionals and corporate leaders. A full suite of cloud-based intelligence management tools helps security and risk management teams identify and respond to emerging risks and threats, to protect their enterprises, assets, and people. The TX360 platform is comprised of four main components:
Intelligence Channels Smart Alerts Dashboards Asset Monitoring
Gather late-breaking intelligence from an expansive gallery of trusted sources or import and filter your own feeds. Deliver only relevant alerts and updates to concerned parties, tailored to each recipient’s authorization, preferences, and profile. Monitor threats in real time on a common operating picture dashboard and determine the potential impact of an incident on your assets. Provide real-time threat monitoring to deliver alerts to your teams, relative to the locations of your assets.
Other Key Benefits:
  •  Resilient: Built on the highly scalable and reliable Microsoft Azure Cloud
  •  Secure: Encrypted communication with a range of authorization tools and options
  •  Scalable: Elastic licensing model allows for rapid user on-boarding during times of crisis
  •  Easy-to-use: Simple, intuitive UI enables quick customization of Dashboards and Smart Alerts
Additional Features:
  •  Social Media Monitoring: Crowd-source intelligence from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Reddit, and more
  •  Premium Channels: Leverage selectively curated feeds, filtered with expertise
  •  Integration: A variety of capabilities for incorporating other systems and tools integral to your workflow
  •  White-labeling: Custom branding options for consistency across solutions
  •  Pro-services: Tailor-made Intelligence Channels, Dashboards, Smart Alerts, and more