WASHINGTON, DC and PORTLAND, OR (September 26, 2016) – Swan Island Networks, a Situational Awareness solution provider and Personal Cities, a smart city company focused on innovation and stakeholder engagement, today announced a strategic partnership. This collaborative series of initiatives aims to help cities embrace the future and increase all aspects of their livability, security, and sustainability.

“Personal Cities’ relationship-focused approach is a great complement to Swan Island’s TX360® Azure-based Situational Awareness Platform,” said Pete O’Dell, CEO/Founder of Swan Island Networks. “The future is accelerating in all directions; incorporating incremental innovation is a necessity for 21st century resilience.”

Sandra Baer, President of Personal Cities, elaborated: “Having a real-time understanding of all aspects of a city’s threats and operational status is a core competency for preparedness.”

Urban Resilience is increasing in importance as the world’s population migrates to urban areas, with over 50% of the population living in urban areas today, and 70% expected by 2050. These major population centers are mostly built on aging infrastructure, and are susceptible to a wide range of natural and man-made threats. Critical infrastructure for power and communications is particularly important as reliance on electronic devices as information sources skyrockets.

Building the trust between government, private sector, NGOs and other elements of these highly interconnected groups, and empowering information sharing are critical steps to avoiding and mitigating future disasters.

About Personal Cities:
Personal Cities is a smart city company dedicated to “imagining the city as it will be.” The company is focused on stakeholder engagement, social inclusion and the acceleration of innovative technologies to drive transformation. The goal at Personal Cities is to build trust—to move leaders to faster, better decisions that energize a city toward livability, sustainability and citizen happiness. To learn more, visit personalcities.org.

About Swan Island Networks
Swan Island Networks provides cloud-based, rapidly deployable situational awareness solutions and services for security and response teams in large enterprises and the public sector. Swan Island’s TX360 platform is ideal for public-private resilience and smart city initiatives, and integrates easily with incident management platforms, mass notification systems, and cyber security solutions. TX360 is the core technology for the Global Resilience Network, a consortium of leading international corporations and their senior professionals that have formed a trusted network to collaborate on and address operational risks. To learn more, visit swanislandnetworks.com.

Contact: Jacqueline Molli, Swan Island Networks, 503-796-7926