Swan Island Networks’ mission is to build agile, intelligent, high-trust information services that help keep people, assets, information and critical infrastructure safe.

Founded in 2002, Swan Island Networks is a private company led by experienced, successful entrepreneurs. The company was launched to address the intelligence sharing weaknesses clearly highlighted by such events as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

Operation Golden Phoenix

US Marines use Swan Island Networks’ TIES situational awareness service in Operation Golden Phoenix

Swan Island Networks began as a software engineering lab working with the United States federal government, focusing on R&D programs. The company has participated in a dozen contracts with government agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and a number of intelligence organizations. Each contract’s purpose was either to increase shared intelligence, enhance situational awareness or develop new models for information access and cyber security.

In 2009, Swan Island Networks took the technologies and methodologies developed over years working in federal government R&D to the private sector and launched TIES, the Trusted Information Exchange Service.  Currently, TIES supports and helps protect more than 250 large enterprises and 20% of Fortune 100 companies every day.  TIES powers solutions deployed by leading partners around the world under various brands.

In 2014, Swan Island announced a new partnership with Microsoft and launched TIES for Microsoft CityNext.  TIES for Microsoft CityNext provides agile situational intelligence services to help city, state, and county leaders; schools safety officers and administrators; CIOs; and emergency management and safety personnel make faster, better, and more informed decisions based on real-time alerts and a comprehensive common operating picture providing local, regional and global situational awareness.