Who We Are: The GRN is a trusted network of leading corporations that collaborate on shared risks to their core operations including natural hazards, technology and man-made threats. This unique consortium is hosted by the International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (InterCEP) at New York University.

Our Core Focus: Identify threats to the corporation, understand their potential impacts, clarify actionable strategies to address these impacts and take action on these strategies with key stakeholders.

Value to Member Corporations: This collaboration mitigates the impacts of increasingly frequent disruptions and as a result works to maintain corporate revenue flows through disruptions and lowers costs of response and recovery.  Additionally, the network enables corporate members to be more agile to respond to opportunities as they present as well as advance wider resilience in the cities and nations where they operate.

What We Do:

  • Real Time Situational Awareness in 100+ Global Cities on Critical Infrastructure Status, Public Safety Alerts, Weather, Public Health and more through the dashboard-based G-Sit platform
  • Direct Government Contacts in 100 Global Cities for Potential Public-Private Collaboration through our alliance finalizing with The 100 Resilient Cities Program – a Rockefeller Foundation initiative.
  • Direct Communications & Collaboration Capacity among Members
  • Monthly Web Forums on Key Risks
  • On-Demand Briefings on Urgent and Rapidly Evolving Risks
  • Corporate Benchmarking & Flash Surveys on Targeted Risks and Events
  • Annual Global Risk Digest distilling risks from a spectrum of international research organizations
  • After-Action and Hot Wash Forums on Lessons Learned
  • Face-to-Face Senior Level Forums & Summits
  • Subject Matter Expert Network
  • International Knowledge Base of Best Practices / Proven Strategies / Lessons Learned
  • Big Data Analysis & Visualization of Urgent Risks
  • Neutral Ground Convening Capacity
  • Member-Directed Special Projects & Targeted Solutions
  • Research from the World’s Leading Think Tanks & Universities

Who We Connect: The Network acknowledges the interdependencies of a globalized society and therefore engages relevant stakeholders from the public and private sectors on shared risks.  The Network connects:

  • Leading Corporations with international operations
  • Cross-National Organizations (United Nations, Interpol, etc.)
  • Targeted Agencies of National and City Governments (national security, law enforcement, public safety, emergency management, public health, etc.)
  • Critical Infrastructure (power, communications, transportation, etc.)
  • NGOs and Public-Private Partnerships
  • Research & Expertise Organizations

Why We Are Different: We engage multiple industries (financial services, pharma, manufacturing, technology, retail, etc.) and multiple corporate job titles across operational risk (security, crisis management, business continuity, risk management / ERM, operations, legal, public relations, supply chain management) which provides a holistic perspective and encourages cross-pollination of lessons learned and approaches – not available in any one industry or professional association. We support a vetted and trusted network for senior-level sharing of challenges and insights. We have a dedicated and responsive staff with a project management discipline focused on the bottom line needs of our members through clear deliverables. We were conceived of and designed by corporations to deliver business value.