May 21, 2020

About Us

Swan Island Networks’ mission is to build agile, intelligent, high-trust information services that help keep people, assets, information, and critical infrastructure safe.

Our flagship TX360 is an all-hazards threat monitoring and situational awareness service that enables highly secure and targeted delivery of critical information to security professionals and corporate leaders, often in a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) setting. 

In 2020, we introduced TX Global, a breakthrough alerting and intelligence subscription that enables even small companies to monitor threats and assets globally. TX Global pulls from thousands of sources, and delivers targeted alerts based on user preferences and locations. TX Global is an affordable situational awareness intelligence service that anyone can use right out of the box, with no training.


TX360 in a GSOC: A full suite of cloud-based intelligence management tools helps security and risk management teams identify and respond to emerging risks, and monitor threats to protect their enterprises, assets, and people.


Founded in 2002, Swan Island Networks is a private company led by experienced, successful entrepreneurs. The company was launched to address the intelligence sharing weaknesses clearly highlighted by such events as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

US Marines use Swan Island Networks’ TIES situational awareness service in Operation Golden Phoenix, 2007.

Swan Island Networks began as a software engineering lab working with the United States federal government, focusing on R&D programs. The company has participated in a dozen contracts with government agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and a number of intelligence organizations. Each contract’s purpose was either to increase shared intelligence, enhance situational awareness or develop new models for information access and cyber security.

In 2009, Swan Island Networks remastered the situational awareness technologies and methodologies developed over years working in federal government R&D to serve the private sector, and launched TIES, the Trusted Information Exchange Service. TIES evolved to become TX360, the next-generation version of our solution that’s in wide use today. TX360 is deployed worldwide by both white label partners and direct customers. TX Global is an offshoot of TX360, an alerting service leveraging selected capabilities of TX360, designed to be an affordable situational awareness tool for organizations of all sizes.


In 2017, Swan announced an OEM/white label relationship with Allied Universal, the largest security provider in North America. Swan supports both internal and customer efforts as an Allied Universal technology partner.

Embracing the future 

Swan Island Networks was founded to deliver safer, better futures through more intelligent, actionable situational awareness. Swan’s platform has evolved to provide a robust Global Security Operations Center as a Service (GSOCaaS) that delivers highly trustworthy, accurate data, and also a smaller-footprint targeted alerting service for SMBs. Swan’s continuing evolution will incorporate artificial intelligence, intelligent video, and IOT sensors into its intelligence and alerting framework.

An example of public and private information sharing

TX360 powers the NYC Metropolitan Resilience Network, an information sharing and regional situational awareness platform with over 400 credentialed member organizations representing businesses, government, and critical infrastructure. This effort was spearheaded by New York University’s International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (INTERCEP), the first academic center dedicated to organizational resilience and agility. INTERCEP is an outgrowth of the lessons learned from the 2012 Superstorm Sandy, a hurricane that cost the New York area $19 billion (of an overall $70 billion in losses) and scores of lives.

What Metropolitan Resilience Network members say:

“(MRN) provides me and my company with much needed real-time information that I utilize to plan and strategize our security programs. “—Corporate Security Manager

“An indispensable tool to provide situational awareness during an event to help the financial sector effectively manage response and recovery efforts.” —Managing Director, Financial Services Operations and Technology Security